Chatty Monks Eat. Drink. Love.

Eat, Drink, Love at Chatty Monks

Chatty Monks Brewing Company is an employee centric family business located in West Reading, PA. We are one of the few breweries that pairs their homemade beers with Indian fusion cuisine. Now open at multiple locations, we specialize in tasty craft food and beer combinations that cater to the cultural heart of West Reading. Come relax and enjoy the finer delicacies of a surprising tasty Indian/American fusion at Chatty Monks!
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Want more beer without having to leave the house? We can mail our specialty brews right to your door! Chatty Monks is fully licensed to send beer directly to any address in the state of Pennsylvania, or we can have it ready for pickup at your choice of pub. With this beer subscription service, you can create a schedule of how much beer you want per week, and have access to our exclusive pints tailored towards members.

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Each beer is a part of who we are, and an effort to bring people together. We, at Chatty Monks Brewing, combine our passion for storytelling, diverse flavors, and community building to create exceptional craft beer. Eat, Drink, Love at Chatty Monks Brewing!

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